Limitless Resources

Limitless Resources

Through the generous donation of our partners and the global collaboration of ministries and individuals across the world, we are able to provide nearly limitless resources to universities and seminaries. We are able to provide these resources at a micro-fraction

Global Reach

Global Reach

The amazing thing about the Alexandria Project is that we are not limited to one location. Because our entire archive is digital, we are not confined to the stuffy rooms of your average library. We can go anywhere.

Unprecedented Collaboration

Unprecedented Collaboration

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The Alexandria Project instantly connects your school to countless theological resources. Instantly.

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Program Updates

Gutenberg Acquired

Exciting News! The Gutenberg Library has been added to our archives. Along with many classical and ancient works, this library presents us with tens of thousands of theological resources that are available to us to distribute freely. The entire archive we received is more than 1

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What schools are saying

We were amazed at the massive archive that was provided to us on behalf of the Alexandria Project through the GTI program. It dramatically changed our ability to provide quality theological texts to our students.

Seminario Bautista Guatemala

We had nothing before this project came about. Now, our library rivals the university in Havana!


Recent Installations

Though The Alexandria Project is young, we are already progressing forward globally in amazing ways. With each school that partners with us and comes online, we see dramatic improvements in library offerings and resources. To see what is going on around the world, click the images to the right to follow the stories.

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Country Highlight: Indonesia
Country Highlight: Guatemala